Whether you’re looking to remodel your current home or designing the house of your dreams from the ground up, custom cabinetry is a great way to incorporate your personal aesthetic into two of your home’s most important areas: the kitchen and bathrooms. At Smith & Vallee, we’ve been helping people in Seattle and across the entire Pacific Northwest create stunning, long-lasting and sustainable custom cabinets for over 25 years. Here’s a breakdown of the steps we take in order to ensure that we can meet our customers’ design expectations and make people’s interior design dreams come true!

The Design

It all starts with making sure that our designers know exactly what you’re looking for. If you already have your dream cabinets in mind and plans drawn up, we can get you a quote on how much your project is likely to cost right away. Not quite sure of how to bring your vision to life just yet? No problem! It’s easy to schedule a chat with our designers in our Edison, WA studio. They’ll work with you closely to draft a design that pulls together every element of what you’re envisioning. Our team is here to listen to your ideas and provide suggestions that can help make those concepts into a reality. From here, we review your project for approval, after which we’ll get you a complimentary quote typically within one business day.

Once everything is approved by you and our project managers alike, it’s time to get started in earnest. Our team will need to receive all of the needed measurements from your project’s contractor and finalize the design for your cabinets. We’ll also provide you with a timeline for completion – we pride ourselves on regularly outpacing other cabinet makers when it comes to project finish dates and are here to help you get your dream project ready as quickly as possible. After this, we’ll be ready to build your cabinets at our woodshop.

The Costs

People often expect that remodeling the cabinets in their home is going to come with an astronomical price tag – and with a lot of custom cabinet makers, they’d be right. We’re honored to say that part of the Smith & Vallee difference includes reasonable prices for our customers. We’re able to achieve this because the entire process from design to build out happens within one business. There is never a retail mark-up on the costs of our cabinetry, because Smith & Vallee is a direct manufacturer. It’s our goal to make your vision a reality without breaking the bank.

The Build Out

Every Smith & Vallee signature cabinet is constructed on-site in our state-of-the-art woodshop and is crafted using 3/4-inch birch plywood boxes. All of our custom cabinets feature a full-overlay as well as soft-closing doors and drawer faces. A slim 1/8-inch reveal divides the panel fronts to help highlight the aesthetic of your project, whether you’ve chosen to go with a classic craftsman shaker-style or more modern, contemporary cabinets. To achieve a harmonious look throughout the entirety of your design, we select our hardwoods carefully and grain match from panel to panel by utilizing sequence matched sheets of FSC Certified veneered plywood.

Whether you’re looking for a natural clear, stained or painted casework, all of the parts of your cabinetry are finished in our state-of-the-art finishing booth using only top of the line waterborne products. These low maintenance, durable finishes release almost no VOC off-gas and are easy to clean without the use of chemicals. The end result is a beautiful satin sheen that will protect the integrity of your cabinets for years to come.

Throughout the process of building your custom cabinets, we pay attention to every single detail to ensure a final product that we can look upon – and share with you – with pride. We’ll provide you with regular updates as we’re working on your project; the entire process from start to finish is collaborative and efficient.

The Installation

Once we finish building your cabinets, we’ll deliver them to the contractor for your project along with detailed installation instructions. We’re always available to provide support and answer any questions your contractor may have about making sure everything is installed correctly! Care instructions for your cabinetry are easy, but please feel free to contact our team at any time if you have any questions about how to get the most out of your new cabinets.

Smith & Vallee is based in Edison, WA and provides residents in the greater Seattle area with beautiful, long-lasting custom cabinets, as well as Bellingham, the Skagit Valley, Anacortes, the San Juan Islands and the North Puget Sound. We produce affordable custom cabinets for bathrooms, kitchens, garages, media centers, home offices, as well as volume custom cabinetry for high-end multi-family commercial projects. Contact us today to get started on your custom cabinet project.