Scrolling through our Instagram feed for inspiration for this blog post made us realize how central so many of our cabinetry projects over the years are to the most intimate and hard-working rooms in our homes. We are currently having a love affair with DeVol Kitchen’s show “For the Love of Kitchens” – a second season was recently released and if you haven’t watched it yet, make haste! It is beautifully filmed and narrated and gives such eloquent credit to the importance and delicacy of how we live in our homes.

A quote from DeVol’s creative director Helen, “These hard-working rooms really need to be practical but you want them to be beautiful too.”  Yes! Kitchens can and should be much more to a home than the functional need of cooking and cleaning. It’s often where we gather, homework at the counter, dogs underfoot, a quick tea and toast before dashing off to the next big thing.

Custom cabinetry shows up in pretty much every hard working room in our homes. Our casework and cabinets are foundational to entryways, laundry rooms, bathrooms, pantries, home offices, and hallway storage. Custom cabinetry is also an ideal way to create continuity between rooms.

Incorporating real life and personality into our kitchen designs is where we thrive. In addition to the steady stream of new construction projects rolling through our cabinet maker’s shops here at Smith & Vallee, we are also seeing an uptick in remodels on our spring and summer production schedule.

Here is an example of a beautifully updated black walnut flat panel kitchen built by one of our favorite Seattle based remodel contractors Archer-Smith Remodel.


Living through a remodel can be just as stressful as it is exciting and working with an experienced contractor is key to a well managed project. Archer-Smith describes themselves as “inspired by great design and innovative ideas, but also have a deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship. By keeping the company small and overhead low, we are more attentive to communication, project timing, and reducing the impact of construction on our client’s day to day lives. The Company goal for each project is to create a space that meets our client’s practical needs and design taste, while staying true to the home’s origin. On a personal level, we receive satisfaction through creating spaces that draw people together. It can be as simple as taking down a kitchen wall to allow family to gather more easily. We truly enjoy the building craft and the relationships we develop in the process. Our focus has always been on our customers, creativity, and the details.”

We’ve experienced their ethos in action on multiple projects and enjoy contributing  custom cabinetry to these remodel projects. Reach out on our website to get guidance on starting your remodel or new construction cabinetry project, we’re quick to respond and happy to walk you through the process.