Brown-McEachern: Guemes Island Residence

This project features wood that we salvaged from our client’s Guemes Island property.  Using wood that had already been cut down on their property we hauled the wood across the bay and through the woods to our shop where we milled and dried the wood.  In all, the timber weighed 29,000 pounds and produced 4,000 board feet.

Included in the salvaged wood was a large burl that became the panels for all of th cabinets throughout their home.  Along with us every step of the way, our clients saw the logs being lifted away and were there for the milling process as well.

Hoisting the large burl that would soon become the panels for the cabinetry throughout their home.
Harvesting the wood from our client's Guemes Island property.
29,000 pounds of timber arriving at our Deming wood shop.
Our employee, Matt, chainsawing the large maple burl that would later be planed and floated in our client's frame and panel cabinets.
Milling some of the trees from the Brown-McEachern residence at our Deming wood shop.
Our clients taking a look at the recently milled wood.
4,000 board feet of the milled wood from the trees that had been salvaged on our client's property.