A recently completed Smith & Vallee kitchen in Maple Falls, WA features vertical grain, fir flat panel cabinetry throughout the architect designed home.

This breathtaking custom home was built by Bellingham Bay Builders, architectural design by not / applicable projects.

not / applicable projects has a design approach that melds well with our custom cabinetry. In their words

“we value error messages. they not only indicate what is incorrect or what is not working, instead they reveal the underlying framework.

when starting a new endeavor, particularly a creative one, the hardest task is sorting out the relevant from the irrelevant. to see the forest for the trees. the act of separating not from applicable is the origin of this office and is the basis of how we serve our clients.

exceptional architecture is an expression of understanding. Understanding our client’s needs, ideas, and dreams. As well as, understanding the constraints site, material, time and cost. in dialogue with our clients, we turn these intangibles into places with lasting substance. our passion for landscape, architectural history, research, and art guide us along the way.

we relish the opportunity to manifest your ideas into a material, sustainable, and timeless solution that adds up to more than the sum of its parts.”

We were most impressed by the marriage of natural materials and simple, modern lines in this project.

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Photo credit: Mikel Amias Photography and Bellingham Bay Builders