Winter in Edison

Escape to the enchanting town of Edison, Washington, this winter for a cozy getaway that celebrates the charm of our local businesses and the beauty of shopping local. Our vacation rentals offer a range of options, from the Schoolhouse, Boathouse, Guest House, to the Gallery House. And guess what? We’ve got some incredible winter deals just for you when you book your stay.

Edison Schoolhouse Kitchen

Guesthouses at night in Edison, Washington

Edison, WA, a hidden gem in Skagit Valley, is surrounded by picturesque farmland, Samish Bay, and the stunning North Cascades foothills. It’s a tiny town that’s big on character!

Christmas Decorations in Edison, Washington

Our little corner of Edison, nestled between Terramar Brewstillery and Smith & Vallee Gallery, is where the magic happens. We’ve got it all: the trifecta of craft beer, locally-sourced pizza, and amazing art.

Edison, Washington

Edison Guesthouse Living Room

Start your day right at BreadFarm, where you can grab pastries and fresh bread that’ll make your taste buds sing. For breakfast, Tweets is the place to be – and if you’re looking for unique wines, spirits, and delicious eats, Slough Food has you covered. Craving lunch? Head over to Mariposas for a culinary adventure, or the Edison Cafe for the best burgers in Bow (according to their moms) . Oh, and we can’t forget the two local pubs, or the fine dining experience at Cob + Cork!

Hedgerow in Edison, Washington

And for the shoppers in the group, a day of exploration awaits! From The Lucky Dumpster to Shop Curator, Indigo Dreams and Hedgerow, you could spend hours uncovering hidden treasures.

Outdoor Art in Edison, Washington

Just a quick heads-up: Some of our fantastic local businesses have varying weekday hours, so make sure to plan ahead to maximize your stay.

Our accommodations are designed to make your retreat truly relaxing. Cozy up by inviting fireplaces and admire original Smith & Vallee Gallery artwork on the walls. You’ll sleep like a dream in our comfortable beds, and our fully-equipped Smith & Vallee Cabinet Makers kitchens are perfect for whipping up scrumptious meals. And don’t miss our fire tables on the decks – they offer breathtaking views of the San Juan Islands and a chance to watch wintering swans and snow geese.

Slough in Edison, Washington

This winter is all about quality time with friends and family, cherishing the peace and quiet of our serene surroundings. Take a breather from the daily grind and savor the gift of rest and relaxation with us.

Winter View in Edison, Washington

Make your reservation now and discover the enchantment of Edison this winter. Slow down, savor every moment, and create unforgettable memories while supporting our incredible local businesses. Book your stay today!